Our new bamboo sunglasses are here

"A milkshake a day keeps the doctor away"......today it was the perfect weather here in Sweden for a chocolate shake. We actually started the morning with this one from www.lilysburger.com. We think that a milkshake craving isn´t that bad..or?


......after that we went for a boat trip in Mälaren to try our new sunglasses. They were amazing & really protected the eyes against the sun.

Mod Stockholm
You´re pretty darn awesome for supporting us

As you know last week we worked extremely hard to finish our new website. There are still a list of things we’re going to do when we get time (e.g. take new photos).


thank you


......you need to be happy, feel less busy and try to reach for less stress and therefore we start every morning with an amazing yoga flow sequences. Don’t forget that the yoga poses will make you feel totally energized while decreasing cortisol levels for a stress-free start to the day. {it’s better than coffee for boosting your mood in the morning.}

Mod Stockholm