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"Add a piece of
nature To your wrist"


"Mod Stockholm is an ethical fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional and detailed design. Our products have created great use and attracted attention from customers."


"It is time to feel the nature"




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"Supporting the people behind the product"



The yoga mat industry doesn’t like talking about what goes on behind the scenes. There’s a simple reason for that: it’s a business that often puts its own profit ahead of the welfare of workers and their communities. To avoid that employees get sick in this industry and by choosing fair trade, we can help change things for the better while ensuring that the people who make our yoga mats are treated with the respect they deserve. Mod Stockholm donate six percent to the factory that produce our cork yoga mats just because we care about thoose who make our mats.



Cork yoga mat

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Mod Stockholm bamboo and wood watches stand for craftmanship and are carefully handmade. Each of our watches is completely unique with a minimal design. We are using only high quality materials and environmental care to create pieces with a clean aesthetic. Being inspired by a conscious living and our mission is to spread awareness in all we do. 


Mod Stockholm sunglasses are made from wood just for you.  
We are dedicated to bringing high quality Wood & Bamboo sunglasses to the market. All of our shades are unique eco-friendly hand made wood or bamboo sunglasses, polarized for your eyes. 

Keep your life simple and love our planet!

yoga mat

Mod Stockholm have created the ultimate luxury eco-friendly cork yoga mat with a social mission. Made from natural rubber and beyond sustainable cork. It's a renewable resource! It is robust and we offer two kind of models; studio mat and a travel cork yoga mat. Our mat is totally non-toxic and it´s free from PVCs and other chemicals that can harm you and our planet.